365 Investigation

My investigation into Dynamics 365 is already exciting. This product has a sleek UI converging across all the MS Office products, closely resembling OneDrive and Office 365 -- no surprise there -- and newer versions of Office on the desktop. It looks a lot like LightSwitch too.   At the moment, I'm absorbing training videos from … Continue reading 365 Investigation

…and a new beginning

Continuing from the previous post, looking at my past experience it would seem that FMPro would be an ideal fit to meet my needs for a single user CRM on the desktop. Overall, FileMaker is the best rapid application development tool I've used to date, and has always been a great developer experience. One bugbear: … Continue reading …and a new beginning

Learning on the job

One of the benefits of copy-editing technical and academic work is that one becomes -- albeit briefly -- a bit of an expert in a niche subject. Over the past couple of years I have read some interesting research on crime and criminology from an anthropological perspective, wider uses -- beyond bitcoin -- for block chain … Continue reading Learning on the job

NEW SERVICE: Editorial Support

Following a very successful collaboration with an old friend, one of our team is making a turn towards her roots in publishing. EKlär Solutions is now pleased to offer Academic Editorial Services, ranging from proofreading to substantive editing. Many companies now offer proofreading and other editorial services to students and academics alike. These services may … Continue reading NEW SERVICE: Editorial Support

Will you proof my document?

Microsoft has evolved over the years, but it still has much to answer for: pop-up alerts to which you inadvertently respond whilst typing in another application, installing updates just when you really need to use your PC, and let us not forget Vista. Microsoft Office has been vastly improved in recent incarnations, not least its reviewing, … Continue reading Will you proof my document?

Sync Outlook.com with your iPhone

This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here. In this article we will briefly describe how to add your SkyDrive account to your iPhone. Adding your Outlook.com to your iPhone is very simple: From Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar Click Add Account > Hotmail Type your SkyDrive address & password … Continue reading Sync Outlook.com with your iPhone