Learning on the job

One of the benefits of copy-editing technical and academic work is that one becomes — albeit briefly — a bit of an expert in a niche subject.

Over the past couple of years I have read some interesting research on crime and criminology from an anthropological perspective, wider uses — beyond bitcoin — for block chain technology, and how smart homes within smart cities will not only make our lives easier, but streamline government costs.

I’m still skeptical about relinquishing all my data to a cloud-based AI, but the technology is interesting.

Sadly, the hard-won knowledge is not built on solid foundations of genuine learning, and it fades surprisingly quickly. Nevertheless the outline remains somewhere in the recesses of my mind, and it is always interesting to explore new fields of understanding.

I look forward to copy-editing more research papers, proofreading technology blogs and enjoying the odd piece of fiction prior to publication!

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