Data Analysis & Migration

EKlär Solutions has an exceptionally strong background in data analysis, data cleansing and data migration. This is demonstrated by:

  • a solid foundation in statistics
  • data management within many industries
  • database development and architecture
  • migration and upgrade from legacy systems

Data Migration Process Data Migration

Legacy Data, Interim System Data: many systems have been upgraded or modified a number of times, or the business model has changed. Old data from these phases is valuable but not always in a useful format

Data Cleansing: in order to restore value to legacy data, and import it into a new system, first it must be made consistent and the correct format

Data Consolidation: once data is clean, it may need to be restructured and grouped differently to reflect the architecture of the new system

Data Migration Preparation: some programming is needed to get the data from the old system(s) into the new systems; these include validation routines, additional formatting and other essential functions