GitHub as Storage

I have increasingly found myself searching through older .pbix files looking for a handy function that I DO NOT want to rewrite. Both the looking for and the rewriting of functions are laborious, frustrating, and above all, unnecessary endeavours. By using her extremely helpful Curbal vlogs, Ruth Pozuelo pointed me to a (now obvious) solution: … Continue reading GitHub as Storage

More on M

A recent post demonstrated the succinct and powerful quality of code native to Power Query. The original conundrum is highlighted in the Power BI forum here, and the posted solution no doubt works, but is a little cumbersome. The Power of M lies in it's human readability, which not only does not require encyclopaedic knowledge … Continue reading More on M

The Power of M…

...Power Query M WARNING: convoluted geek joke ahead Three data analysts walk into a bar, and the bartender gives them a problem: "My data table includes a column containing Company Name, but I want the business acronyms in a new column, with a space between each initial. Oh, and the data contains some hinky characters … Continue reading The Power of M…

Website not Secure?

Google have recently introduced changes to their browser, Chrome, that shows warnings on any webpage not covered by an SSL certificate. What is SSL Encryption? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protects information that you, the viewer, enter onto a website. For example, an SSL protects the personal data of visitors who sign up for your … Continue reading Website not Secure?

Getting Dynamic with Dynamics

Using my first Dynamics trial simply as an open-ended exercise in exploration, quite a few things are worth noting before getting into customising the solution to meet your needs. What you can see Playing with the dummy data and adding your own allows you to appreciate the work that has gone into the development of … Continue reading Getting Dynamic with Dynamics

Sync with your iPhone

This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here. In this article we will briefly describe how to add your SkyDrive account to your iPhone. Adding your to your iPhone is very simple: From Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar Click Add Account > Hotmail Type your SkyDrive address & password … Continue reading Sync with your iPhone

Sync your Data with SkyDrive

This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here. SkyDrive synchronises automatically with your Windows Phone, but perhaps you want to sync the data on your desktop... SkyDrive  gives you access to free Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote in your browser, but also works well  with Office 2013. To synchronise the … Continue reading Sync your Data with SkyDrive

Sync your Email Accounts with

This article is part our exploration of Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here. Most devices allow you to sync with more than one email account, and many people prefer to manage their various email accounts using Outlook on the desktop (2010/2013). However, you may wish to access all your emails from one account: … Continue reading Sync your Email Accounts with

Sync your Apple Contacts with

This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read the previous article here. Apple iCloud Contacts As always, Microsoft and Apple do  not see eye to eye, so despite the simplicity of linking & syncing with other accounts, your iCloud account will be ever so slightly trickier... It is not possible to synchronise … Continue reading Sync your Apple Contacts with