Sync with your iPhone

This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here.

In this article we will briefly describe how to add your SkyDrive account to your iPhone.

Adding your to your iPhone is very simple:

  1. From Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  2. Click Add Account > Hotmail
  3. Type your SkyDrive address & password ( (or
  4. Select which services you want to sync (Contacts, Calendar, Email)

You will need to do this for each iDevice

You may have duplicate entries if you are syncing to an account from the iDevice AND the account

If you have a birthdays calendar in, you may need to disable the Birthdays calendar native to your iDevice to avoid duplicates: see Synchronisation: the benefits for more information.

These services will update the contact, calendar and email apps on your phone. To make the best use of SkyDrive, download the App from iTunes:

Useful Links

To learn more about Windows 8 and SkyDrive read this article: Windows 8: Any Good?

All methods are accurate at the time of writing for the configuration tested: Office 2010 on Windows 7; Chrome  v27; iPad 1; Nokia Lumia 710.

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