The Power of M…

...Power Query M WARNING: convoluted geek joke ahead Three data analysts walk into a bar, and the bartender gives them a problem: "My data table includes a column containing Company Name, but I want the business acronyms in a new column, with a space between each initial. Oh, and the data contains some hinky characters … Continue reading The Power of M…

…and a new beginning

Continuing from the previous post, looking at my past experience it would seem that FMPro would be an ideal fit to meet my needs for a single user CRM on the desktop. Overall, FileMaker is the best rapid application development tool I've used to date, and has always been a great developer experience. One bugbear: … Continue reading …and a new beginning

Who we are

This post has been archived, please visit the new page. EKlär Solutions is a small team with over 35 years' experience in the IT industry. Our experience extends to many sectors: publishing, retail, banking, logistics to name but a few, and includes a vast range of technologies, from mainframe computers to mobile devices, from programming Atari … Continue reading Who we are

Editorial roles and the parallels with software development

Every editorial role has a distinct purpose and requires a particular set of skills and focus. This is why an attempt to combine two or more of these roles simultaneously is rarely successful and is a poor use of time -- however these roles CAN be performed by the same person, but with appropriate focus. … Continue reading Editorial roles and the parallels with software development