Image Carousel

EKlär Image Carousel The carousel user interface has been developed in Silverlight using the Expression suite of software. The carousel is an example of a UI which could be connected to an image database.  Click on an image to pause the carousel, view the image in full and view the image details. Click the large image to restart the carousel. The … Continue reading Image Carousel

Video Player

EKlär Video: Walking with Invisible Dinosaurs The video player has been developed by Bettina in Silverlight using the Expression suite of software. The video itself was created by Tired Pirate with some help from Bettina. The Expression suite comprises four main elements: Design is used to create vector images (the Logo), Encoder converts media files to the correct format, Web allows … Continue reading Video Player

CMS Website Technology Structure

To make the structure of a CMS-based website a little clearer, a typical technology stack is illustrated here. Web Host: every website needs to be hosted on a server; the web host provides one or more of the following: domain, fileserver, database, email server Domain: this is what gives your website its unique ‘address’ User … Continue reading CMS Website Technology Structure

Editorial roles and the parallels with software development

Every editorial role has a distinct purpose and requires a particular set of skills and focus. This is why an attempt to combine two or more of these roles simultaneously is rarely successful and is a poor use of time -- however these roles CAN be performed by the same person, but with appropriate focus. … Continue reading Editorial roles and the parallels with software development