Sync your Email Accounts with

This article is part our exploration of Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read more here.

Most devices allow you to sync with more than one email account, and many people prefer to manage their various email accounts using Outlook on the desktop (2010/2013).

However, you may wish to access all your emails from one account:

  1. Launch Mail ( from SkyDrive home screen
  2. Click Settings wheel at top right > More email settings
  3. Select your email accounts on the right
  4. Add a send-and-receive account
  5. Enter your email address & password…
  6. …follow the on-screen instructions

TOP TIP: Facebook
If you want your Facebook email notifications to sync with, either:
Add your email to Facebook and set it as your primary email, or
Add your primary Facebook email address to as above

Make sure your emails from the added account go straight into your Inbox, not a new folder

The Mail App native to iPad appears to be a specialised browser direct to your web-mail, rather than a mailbox client with synchronisation — this means that what you change on the iTech is also changed on your web mail. (Using a Gmail account)

In our next article we will show how easy it is to sync your data to SkyDrive.

All methods are accurate at the time of writing for the configuration tested: Office 2010 on Windows 7; Chrome  v27; iPad 1; Nokia Lumia 710.

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