Timesheets: Project Management

Timesheets is a desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. It is a  customer relationship management system (CRM) with emphasis on project management. Features: Store details of all your clients Details of each project are associated with the relevant client Each Project has a number of requirements and associated tasks Running total for time taken for … Continue reading Timesheets: Project Management

Media Liaison

Media Liaison is a desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. It is a simple tool to manage media liaison for a small organisation without a dedicated PR department. Store article text and image Semi-automatic record of which article sent to whom Record which articles were published & where Send one-off emails direct from … Continue reading Media Liaison


For Sale is a simple desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. Manage your items for sale on eBay, bootfairs, tabletop sales and elsewhere...if the item does not sell you have all the information you need to immediately relist elsewhere. Store an image, description and all costs incurred for each sale. PayPal fees calculator included! Features: Manage sales Manage … Continue reading ForSale

What we do

This post has been archived, please visit the new page. EKlär Solutions is a small business offering IT consultancy and academic editorial services to individuals and small to medium businesses. Our broad range of products and services includes graphics optimisation for print or web, technical proofreading, logo creation, MS Office training and workshops,  website advice, data-centric desktop … Continue reading What we do