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More on M

A recent post demonstrated the succinct and powerful quality of code native to Power Query. The original conundrum is highlighted in the Power BI forum here, and the posted solution no doubt works, but is a little cumbersome. The Power of M lies in it's human readability, which not only does not require encyclopaedic knowledge … Continue reading More on M

The Power of M…

...Power Query M WARNING: convoluted geek joke ahead Three data analysts walk into a bar, and the bartender gives them a problem: "My data table includes a column containing Company Name, but I want the business acronyms in a new column, with a space between each initial. Oh, and the data contains some hinky characters … Continue reading The Power of M…

Power BI: Making Data Pretty…

...and pretty understandable. Admit it: your business concurrently uses multiple legacy systems in multiple business areas -- whilst looking forward to the bright new shiny system you have commissioned -- and knitting all these data sources into a coherent ensemble presents a considerable reporting challenge. Power BI is a great way to render data meaningful … Continue reading Power BI: Making Data Pretty…

Website not Secure?

Google have recently introduced changes to their browser, Chrome, that shows warnings on any webpage not covered by an SSL certificate. What is SSL Encryption? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption protects information that you, the viewer, enter onto a website. For example, an SSL protects the personal data of visitors who sign up for your … Continue reading Website not Secure?

Course Results

My previous post Test Driving a New Course introduced Managing Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Learning. Here I discuss my journey traversing the remainder of the course. Managing Customer Engagement focused on the capabilities of the Sales and Customer Service modules of Dynamics 365 and briefly discussed Field Service, particularly in the … Continue reading Course Results

IoT and that…a new etiquette?

The publication of the recent report by the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering and PETRAS on the internet of things (IoT) is timely in the context of the ongoing furore surrounding tech giants collecting, and indeed farming1, our data. The Royal Academy of Engineering and PETRAS report follows on from the Blackett review -- four years ago … Continue reading IoT and that…a new etiquette?

Test driving a new course

or: Decoding MS-Speak It seems that the fairly recent change in targeted audience for Dynamics 365 has prompted Microsoft to develop a free online course. Managing Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Learning is weighted towards sales, which admittedly isn't really my bag, but the course content seems to be well thought out … Continue reading Test driving a new course

Getting Dynamic with Dynamics

Using my first Dynamics trial simply as an open-ended exercise in exploration, quite a few things are worth noting before getting into customising the solution to meet your needs. What you can see Playing with the dummy data and adding your own allows you to appreciate the work that has gone into the development of … Continue reading Getting Dynamic with Dynamics