This post has been archived, please visit the new page. Our breadth of experience enables EKlär Solutions to support many applications and systems. For example, although we  work primarily within the .NET framework, we can 'reverse engineer' PHP and other languages. We no longer primarily develop in FMPro or MS Access, however we can support your … Continue reading Support

Data Migration

This post has been archived, please visit the new page. EKlär Solutions has a strong background in data analysis, data cleansing and data migration; a simplified process of data migration is illustrated here. Legacy Data, Interim System Data: many systems have been upgraded or modified a number of times, or the business model has changed. Old … Continue reading Data Migration

Web Application Technology Structure

To make the structure of a web application works a little clearer, a typical technology stack is illustrated here.  Data: the core data of the system will be stored in a database comprising a number of tables. Data can be validated at this level, but business rules are not implemented at this layer. This can … Continue reading Web Application Technology Structure

Skills & Experience

The lead member of EKlär Solutions, Bettina, has enjoyed four distinct phases to her working life. Agency Temp: Many of the experiences Bettina had working as an agency administrator, receptionist and secretary whilst studying add a practical flavour to her skills -- any application designed by Bettina puts everyday users first. Publishing: Bettina learned many of her … Continue reading Skills & Experience