Skills & Experience

The lead member of EKlär Solutions, Bettina, has enjoyed four distinct phases to her working life.Skills & Experience

Agency Temp: Many of the experiences Bettina had working as an agency administrator, receptionist and secretary whilst studying add a practical flavour to her skills — any application designed by Bettina puts everyday users first.

Publishing: Bettina learned many of her presentational and general PC support skills whilst working in medical publishing. Her role was primarily as team administrator and copy-editor, but she was also involved in some book design and sales. Bettina’s experience in old-school industry standards, both editorial and design, informs her documentation and presentation skills.

IT Professional: Her IT experience in higher education includes a diverse range of roles, including PC and Mac support, SQL DBA, trainer in desktop applications, database developer, intranet developer, data analyst. Bettina’s database development, data analysis (including cleansing, migration and presentation), system architecture and project management skills were consolidated over a number of years in the financial services industry.

IT Consultant: Bettina now works from home and is building a client base and products for EKlär Solutions. Bettina supports CMS websites based on Joomla! and other technologies, and builds web and desktop applications as well as offering consultancy on a wide range of IT matters. Bettina has taken a turn back to her roots in publishing and has recently provided substantial editorial support in preparing a PhD thesis for submission.