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Our breadth of experience enables EKlär Solutions to support many applications and systems.

For example, although we  work primarily within the .NET framework, we can ‘reverse engineer’ PHP and other languages. We no longer primarily develop in FMPro or MS Access, however we can support your database and develop training for users of your database.

Application Support: We offer a number of flexible support models for our own applications, we can also support many industry standard  and bespoke systems. We can help with connectivity, data analysis, training and even upgrades.

Website Support: We have a proven track record in setting up and supporting websites built using a CMS — Joomla! and WordPress for example. We can also provide simple HTML pages and support HTML websites.

Training & Workshops: EKlär Solutions can develop custom one-to-one or group training and/or workshops for MS Office and many other applications. If there are any aspects or features in any of the applications comprising MS Office suite (eg Word or Excel)you would like clarified or learn how to get the most out of, we can help!