Timesheets: Invoicing & Expenses

Timesheets is a desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. It is a  customer relationship management system (CRM) with emphasis on project management. This application also includes an invoicing & expenses module, linked directly to the time spent on each project and expenses incurred. Invoices and expenses (remittance items) are output using Microsoft Word; templates are easily set … Continue reading Timesheets: Invoicing & Expenses

Media Liaison

Media Liaison is a desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. It is a simple tool to manage media liaison for a small organisation without a dedicated PR department. Store article text and image Semi-automatic record of which article sent to whom Record which articles were published & where Send one-off emails direct from … Continue reading Media Liaison


For Sale is a simple desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. Manage your items for sale on eBay, bootfairs, tabletop sales and elsewhere...if the item does not sell you have all the information you need to immediately relist elsewhere. Store an image, description and all costs incurred for each sale. PayPal fees calculator included! Features: Manage sales Manage … Continue reading ForSale

Image Carousel

EKlär Image Carousel The carousel user interface has been developed in Silverlight using the Expression suite of software. The carousel is an example of a UI which could be connected to an image database.  Click on an image to pause the carousel, view the image in full and view the image details. Click the large image to restart the carousel. The … Continue reading Image Carousel

Video Player

EKlär Video: Walking with Invisible Dinosaurs The video player has been developed by Bettina in Silverlight using the Expression suite of software. The video itself was created by Tired Pirate with some help from Bettina. The Expression suite comprises four main elements: Design is used to create vector images (the Logo), Encoder converts media files to the correct format, Web allows … Continue reading Video Player

Development Process

To better understand how we get from the first meeting to a finished product, the a typical development process is illustrated here. Each stage of the process informs the next, and the entire process begins by looking at your business as a whole. System Architecture: the general structure of the new system Functional Specification: agreed … Continue reading Development Process

Web Application Technology Structure

To make the structure of a web application works a little clearer, a typical technology stack is illustrated here.  Data: the core data of the system will be stored in a database comprising a number of tables. Data can be validated at this level, but business rules are not implemented at this layer. This can … Continue reading Web Application Technology Structure

CMS Website Technology Structure

To make the structure of a CMS-based website a little clearer, a typical technology stack is illustrated here. Web Host: every website needs to be hosted on a server; the web host provides one or more of the following: domain, fileserver, database, email server Domain: this is what gives your website its unique ‘address’ User … Continue reading CMS Website Technology Structure