Timesheets is a desktop application developed using MS Visual Studio Lightswitch. It is a  customer relationship management system (CRM) with emphasis on project management. This application also includes an invoicing & expenses module, linked directly to the time spent on each project and expenses incurred.

Timesheets: Invoices

Invoices and expenses (remittance items) are output using Microsoft Word; templates are easily set up and all remittance items are stored as PDFs and can be viewed at any time direct from the application.


  • Expenses are stored with each associated project
  • As each expense claim is raised, the expense items included are ‘ticked off’ so are not claimed for twice
  • Invoices are easily raised with client details automatically entered and line items summed
  • Once a PDF has been generated,  invoice/expense claim is ‘locked’
  • Overdue invoice alert on application launch

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