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EKlär Solutions offers academic and technical editorial services, ranging from proofreading to substantive editing.

Many companies now offer proofreading and related services to students and academics alike. These services may be carried out by articulate graduates qualified in one or two academic fields, but are not experienced professional proofreaders or copy-editors.

EKlär Solutions is different…

Bettina is not only well-qualified academically, she has a proven track record working within publishing, and will bring added value to your editorial needs. There is often a misconception that proofreading alone will raise the quality of your document from good to excellent, but unless you are an experienced author this is rarely the case. Putting down on paper original and complex ideas is itself a challenge. Refining those words with care and precision not only makes your writing more accessible, but also more engaging.

Whether you have a dissertation that needs a little polishing, or a paper that requires some restructuring or rewriting, we can advise the best approach to take and provide a level of service appropriate to your needs and budget.

We usually work on-screen using MS Word, however we can also provide a paper-based service using traditional mark-up standards. Our high-quality work is priced competitively, and we are happy to offer a quote on request.

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