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This article continues our series exploring Windows 8 and SkyDrive. Read the previous article here.

In this article we will detail how to sync your Contacts from various different accounts to your SkyDrive People (

Add Accounts

Skype & Messenger

Networking & Social Media –>

Apple iCloud Contacts

Removing Synchronisation

Skype & Messenger

Skype and Messenger Contacts can be added simply by logging onto your Skype account from the SkyDrive profile page (Click your name at the top right)

If you use your or Hotmail email for Social Media (FB, Twitter, etc) these may be connected automatically

Networking & Social Media

Your Contacts associated with other email accounts are not automatically added when you add the email account to Mail on SkyDrive (

Adding other accounts

  1. Launch People from the SkyDrive home screen
  2. Select from available options

Once you have linked to Facebook, you will be able to import emails for your Facebook friends

Facebook Import

NOTE: Microsoft claims Facebook is almost fully integrated with Windows 8 & Windows phones

Removing Synchronisation / Managing other accounts

  1. Launch People from the SkyDrive home screen
  2. Click your name at top right > Account Settings
  3. Select Permissions from the left
  4. Select Add Accounts to add an account
  5. Select Manage Accounts to edit your accounts already linked
  6. You can permanently unlink an account from at the bottom of the edit screen

If email addresses tally with Contacts from other sources, Contact cards will be automatically linked. You can easily link Contact cards by selecting the cards & clicking the link button in the ribbon at the top

TOP TIP: Transferring Contacts
If you prefer not to link your Google account with SkyDrive, you can perform a one-time transfer. Exporting contacts to & from Google & Outlook is very easy & does not need any conversion. See below for more details

Apple iCloud Contacts

As always, Microsoft and Apple do  not see eye to eye, so despite the simplicity of linking & syncing with other accounts, your iCloud account will be ever so slightly trickier…click here to find out how.

In our next  article we will cover the simplest method of syncing your iCloud Contacts with

All methods are accurate at the time of writing for the configuration tested: Office 2010 on Windows 7; Chrome  v27; iPad 1; Nokia Lumia 710.

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