Duffle Bag Filing

Too much research in several fields whilst working full-pelt on unrelated projects can result in duffle bag filing in your memory

You don’t have a chance to write anything up or put it into practice. All the stuff you’ve learned, no, semi-absorbed is interesting & exciting, but you don’t have time to consolidate your new knowledge — it all goes into a big bag in your head of “new & great stuff”, with links to all the “old great stuff” that you had forgotten but that the new reading brought to mind.

Then the duffle bag bursts and all your technical knowledge becomes amalgamated into fertile mush for some weird and productive dreams, but at the same time you have lost the ability to use nouns, and sentences become very tricky to negotiate.

First, you find yourself only dreaming in technical scenarios, then you discover that although you seem to be keeping it together at work, outside your professional zone are not quite able to find the right words for whatever challenge you have encountered (for many, a conversation with a 6-year-old on the minutia of Marvel heroes is a considerable challenge).

You are metaphorically in a darkened room, fishing around in your duffle bag with no torch and wearing ski gloves for the first thing, anything, that comes to hand.

This word or notion will have to do, whatever the context…