EKlär Solutions launches new website!

Visit our parent site www.eklar.co.uk and click straight through to our new  WordPress.com site.

We hope you will enjoy this somewhat improved web presence, feel free to leave comments, and if you think we can help you with your IT needs, get in touch!

We have gone with the WordPress.com model  in order to take advantage of all the useful facilities without having to reinvent the wheel — not to mention that it is free! Note: if you see any inappropriate ads PLEASE let us know.

In addition to demonstrating what we can do for you or your business, we will be sharing IT tips & tricks and the occasional nugget of interest.

At some point we may feel the need to install a full CMS on our parent site www.eklar.co.uk, but in the meantime the parent site is a place to showcase our Silverlight and our HTML5 development — watch this space!

You will notice this site is not fully optimised for smaller mobile devices, but you should be able to get the information you need.

If you don’t want to follow us at WordPress.com, you can follow us on Twitter: @EKlarSolutions

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