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Although not a formal design studio, EKlär Solutions offers a number of graphics services ranging from cleaning low-resolution images and optimising graphics for web or print, to photographic enhancement and even animations and simple logo creation.

We can create or improve your visual materials, at a fraction of the cost of a formal design studio.

Graphics Creation: Poster

Here you can see how a poster design using Word can be refined using Photoshop and Expression Design to produce a professional result.

Graphics Creation: Panorama

This example displays a series of images and, once they are combined, the resulting panorama.

Graphics Optimisation

Many smaller organisations have a logo but no longer have access to the original artwork for that logo. This can pose a problem when the business needs clothing displaying the logo, new business stationery, or even when creating a new website.

Rather than recruiting a designer to recreate that artwork, it is often more cost-effective to clean up and enhance a low-resolution scanned image, from a letter head for example.

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