To better understand how we get from the first meeting to a finished product, the a typical development process is illustrated here.

Each stage of the process informs the next, and the entire process begins by looking at your business as a whole.

Development Process

System Architecture: the general structure of the new system

Functional Specification: agreed scope and restrictions of the system: what it should achieve and how it should deliver these aims

Technology: ‘technology’ can be broadly understood to mean ‘software’ and its ‘programming language’

Technology Stack: a single solution would not use just one technology, but several. These can be thought of sitting in layers, or a stack, between the server and the user

Technical Specification: detailed ‘blueprint’ of how to achieve the Functional Specification within the chosen technology stack

Business Logic: the ‘rules’ the system needs to follow to meet business requirements

System Testing: technical testing to demonstrate that the developed system still meets the functional specification

UAT: User Acceptance Testing ensures the system meets requirements when used in a realistic scenario

See also: Business Analysis

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